What game are these plugins for?
They're Unturned plugins. More specifically, they are written for the RocketMod plugin framework. I am considering expanding to other games in the future.
These Unturned plugins are great and all, but they why aren't they on the RocketHub?
I'm banned from all of Sven's Discords for no reason. As a result, I can't submit plugins to the RocketMod hub.
The plugins here are all completely free, right? No catches?
Yes. No kidding.
How in the world do I install these plugins?
Like any other. Drag and drop into the /Plugins/ directory. You can find the download on the GitHub release page. Make sure that you download the dll or zip and not the source code!
Are these plugins legit and safe?
Yeah, they are. If I weren't an honest person, maybe they wouldn't be. If you don't trust the precompiled .dlls, just compile the source with Visual Studio yourself.
Are these plugins original work?
Yes. All of the source is written by myself. None of it is taken from other plugins unless mentioned otherwise in the plugin's description.
I found a bug, where do fix?
Hop onto my Discord and tell me. If you are experienced in programming, just submit a pull request on the plugin's GitHub repo.
How about a plugin that does X?
Hop onto my Discord and tell me. If I think that servers will benefit from having that plugin and if it's possible, I'll probably create it.
I want a custom plugin!
I'll do it for cheap, if it's within reason. Bitcoin is my preferred payment method. Hop onto my Discord and tell me.
What kind of awesome person made this?
ExtraConcentratedJuice. Yes, I know I am.