Allows you to do timed or manual broadcasts using UI effects. Some text will stay on the top of a player's screen when a superbroadcast is created.


NOTICE: Requires my assets pack to be installed on the server. Can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop:


  • superbroadcast.broadcast

    Gives a player access to the /superbroadcast command.


  • /superbroadcast "your message" <time>

    Superbroadcast command. Replace "your message" with your message, quotes included. Replace <time> with the time in seconds that the broadcast should stay on screen. Aliases: /sb and /sbroadcast. Requires superbroadcast.broadcast.
    Supports RICH TEXT


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SuperBroadcasterConfiguration xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <!-- Duration of manual broadcast if a time is not specified. -->
  <!-- Time limit for manual broadcasts. -->
  <!-- ID of the broadcast effect. If you are using my assets, DO NOT CHANGE THIS. -->
  <!-- How often a timed broadcast should repeat. Set this to 0 to disable timed broadcasts. -->
  <!-- How long a timed broadcast should stay on screen. -->
  <!-- Messages for timed broadcasts. -->
    <!-- Message for your timed broadcast. -->
    <message>This is a SUPER broadcast!</message>
    <message>set repeatingBroadcastInterval to -1 to disable this!</message>